Importance Of Manpower Planning in an Organisation

Manpower planning

Manpower planning is a process of identifying the right persons for the organization, putting the right persons in right positions. As it is a wide process it consists of training and development of personals. It is also called as Human Resource Management. Human Resource Management has a wider scope than staffing. They have several procedures which includes:

  • Examining and determining the present manpower inventory
  • Formulating future manpower forecasts
  • Expanding employment programs
  • Designing training systems

There are two aspects in manpower planning, they are assessment and performance. These two areas, assessment and performance management, are the most important part in developing human resources because it is a process that leads to organization performance improvement. The retrospective evaluation of employees’ work performance highlights employees’ strengths and weaknesses and provides the overall organizations’ and administrators’ goals in several time frames. Performance management provides an opportunity for interaction, participation, setting organizational management objectives which may result in improving organizational performance. There is a separate department is created by big organizations known as HRD which works under H.R. managers.

It is a vital part of an organization as it leads to the success of the business. It consists of hiring the personals and continuous development of skills needed for the job. It is important to all small, medium and large scale organizations. Human resource planning is directly linked with strategic planning and institutional policies. It is the main tool which aims to connect the organizational goals to the programs and goals of human resource.

Human resource planning is linked to the environmental concepts and organizational functions and consists of various external factors such as economic pressures, technological changes and advancements, rules and regulations, political situations, and education and labor market and internal factors such as organizational objectives, culture, structure, leadership behavior, human resources policies, and stakeholders

UAE is the largest economy in middle east and consist of various industries in different sectors. So it is very much important on focusing on manpower planning by the governments and industries itself.


Oil and Gas is vital resources in this world. It consists of large Human resource for extraction, usage and exports of this resources. ADNOC is a top company in the world amongst oil companies. Human Resource Department in ADNOC has a number of policies and training programs. Important activities are job planning, performance appraisal, career development, job design, work measurement, training and development and others.



Nowadays construction companies face large issues from geopolitics and low oil prices. It spent a large amount in manpower planning and procurement. It includes clear manpower plans that will help companies accurately forecast their labour needs and improves the span of controls. In a construction company, it becomes major expenses on services received. So proper management of human resources is essential.



Huge infrastructure projects of UAE creating ample opportunities for the skilled and quality mechanical manpower like Welder, Plumber, Fabricator, Duct man etc. It looks proper training of employees to provide quality in work and reducing wastage of resources. By this development of the company is possible and economic stability is accrued.



Marine industries in UAE is showing rapid progress with advancement in port activity. The demand for skilled labour is high as wastage’s created on skilled labours are low and efficiency is high. On period of growth of personals they are largely supporting skill development activities.


Logistics Manpower supply comapny in UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi

Logistics industry require the ability to think and plan in order to ensure that the logistics chain is operating optimally. So large training and skill development activities consist of Logistics. Large investment results in surviving in a competitive environment and increases the life span of company.

Various advantages associated with manpower planning are

  • Key to managerial function. For planning, organizing, directing, and controlling are based on how many man powers and how effectively utilization of this manpower result performance of this managerial function.
  • Efficient utilization. Employment of staff in maximum utilization of resources is the key to success for a company.
  • Motivation. A staff which is employed in an organization is to be motivated to optimum utilization of this staff. As motivated employees only provide potential growth of a company.
  • Better human relations.  As the company has various activities it covers large staff it needs to create large human relations. This human relations are necessary for communication, leadership, and controlling.
  • Higher productivity. Whenever there is motivated or developed man powers are in an organization can always provide staff to giver higher productivity and faster performance without compromising in quality.
  • Lessor supervision. As trained staff don’t need to be controlled regularly lessor cost on supervision is incurred and higher level staff can concentrate on their core activities.
  • Large life span. A highly trained staff can survive the competition and their economic stability gives the company to trade for a longer span of time.
  • Planning function of a organization provide various overall strategies to a company. The manpower planning helps the Planning department to provide human resources to the organizations.
  • Coping with change. Human resource planning is important to cope up with the changes of external environment. There are always changes happens in the environment so changes in sophisticated technology are to be educated to new or existing man powers.
  • Uncertainty reduction. This is associated with reducing the impact of uncertainty which are brought by un sudden changes in processes and procedures of human resource management in the organization.
  • With the help of objective assessment, it improves job satisfaction as well as the morale of the employee.
  • It make sure that there is the continuous growth and survival of the enterprise is possible.

This all features and factors show the importance of manpower planning. And this makes the organizations invest in these sections and provide enough time to study and evaluate the methods to study on training and development of manpower.