manpower supply agency in UAE, Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

The basic function of manpower supply agency is to recruit employees that are skillful in their craft and recruit them to the required organisation. In a country like UAE, business and manufacturing are booming day by day, manpower agency make sure that their clients or organisation get the best manpower. In UAE there are organisations ranging from Multinational conglomerates to small business groups, it is  the job of supply agency to find the skilled employees and recruit them as well as examine their education, qualification, experience and personal traits as in the organisations need not go behind wasting their time on recruitment and they can save their precious time and invest it in other important sectors. Manpower supply agency also makes sure that The staff level should neither be high that causes loss to the company nor too small to cause the inadequacy. Hiring manpower agency not only save their time it also provides skillful employees to the sector, from giving employee appraisal to training them manpower supply agency come in handy. They take care of the need of the employees and their needs , in a country like UAE different business sector has different departments so each sector required different categories of manpower. Today, the UAE has one of the most open and dynamic economies in the world. UAE is the site of ultramodern architecture, enormous shopping centers and extravagant entertainment attractions. Talented employees with polished skills is a need in a country like this they can’t depend solely on their natives. Manpower Supply agency have connections and they bring manpower recruitment from all over the world.

manpower supply agency

In modern society, the collection of materials, resources and information for the needs are supplied by Agencies. As the manpower has a good market especially in UAE, there is a lot of agencies who work to supply for manpower. The market for manpower is high so there are vast growing networks for this type of manpower supply agencies. In this world where each country is developing day-by-day there is rapid growth and need for manpower in every aspect and in every sector. Therefore the role of manpower supply agencies is inevitable. Through these manpower supply agencies, every business sector in UAE has seen tremendous growth compared to other countries.

Population size is varied in different counties so the highly populated countries supply human resources. At first, the resources are the companies or firms directly occupy them from the market. This makes the company to suffer great cost and profit margin shrinkage. On continuous maintenance of this workforce make the organization to suffer extra burden.

As a problem-solving method agencies supplying work force has begun. The complete recruitment of labours and their maintenance are done by them with lots of strategies. Some features of this manpower supply agencies  are listed below:

  • A cheaper source for Manpower
  • Large demand of workforce make them more economical
  • Maintenance cost per worker reduced
  • Satisfaction of workforce and organization simultaneously

In UAE, as populations are less there are high roots for manpower supply agency in this market. The UAE needs manpower mostly in blue-collar jobs. As the white collar jobs are mostly directly recruited by the company itself. The large demand for skilled blue collar jobs employs in here help the agencies to supply it from the world market. A large amount of labour forces are from the Philippines, Indian, Pakistan and other developing countries. Normally Manpower supply agencies collect the payments from the employed organizations and this is paid to employees by deducting their commission. This helps the agencies to get regular income.

The relationship between the agencies and organizations are on a contract basis, as organisations report their demand. Large workforce in UAE makes the government to have strict regulations on emigrants and Agencies performance. The welfare body of UAE asks the Agencies to have good working facility to labours and accommodation and transportation facility. AS UAE organization has no direct contact with the employees they have only minimum responsibly, recruiting agencies to possess full responsibility till their retirement or death. Some agencies work in contract relationship between the employees by giving monthly fixed income.

For example, agencies like us recruit employees for Helper, Steel Fixer , Carpenter, Mason, Scaffolder, Electrician,Plumber, Duct-man, Welder, manufacturing, mining sanitation, custodial work, textile manufacturing, power plant operations, farming, commercial fishing, landscaping, pest control, recycling etc.

The UAE staffing estimates that hiring a worker can cost 7 to 20 percent of that position’s salary and take 30 to 45 days to fill . That can be pretty taxing to some companies, so it’s worth their while to farm out with a manpower supply agency, time and money plus additional taxpaying are saved by these agencies. The bonus factor is manpower supply agency give additional training for employment development. Recruitment are of two types ‘ temp and perm’ meaning temporary or permanent, companies that need employees according to the season or need can get their hands on these manpower supply agencies for fresh recruits that are experienced.

The manpower supply agencies handle the gap between the organisation and supply of labour by identifying the correctly matched manpower in accordance with the needs of an organisation. A manpower supply agency must have a legal background otherwise they find it hard to recruit or supply the demand. Private employment agencies do charge fees for their services. Usually, the hiring company provide the payments for these agencies, but sometimes job seekers pay recruiters to find opportunities for them.

The economic conditions are changing day by day. The population, infrastructural facilities, job opportunities, standard of living are going up. In the case of Gulf countries, they are focusing on the overall development of the economy. As a result, the country is ready to invest in a worthwhile market. Therefore each and every sector of UAE is seeking tremendous growth and development. With the increase in industrial growth, there arise huge job opportunities and they are in need of efficient and skilled labour power. Though the migration of labours increasing there will be more labours available and there incur the demand for manpower supply. They are having an infinite chance of growth through the supply of right personnel to the sectors which are in need off.