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With the emerging trends UAE is becoming the hub of construction work. Investment in infrastructure has become a substantial part of the construction and projects sector in the UAE.

For all construction work labour force is needed the most. As the size of construction work in UAE is increasing day by day, construction workers are hugely in demand.

Recently, in the construction of 2020 Expo, Dubai has awarded approximately 47 construction contracts of the total value of AED11 billion (US$3 billion) to local and foreign companies. For all these constructions manpower is needed. Construction Companies in major cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Alain, Ras Al Khaima, Umm Al-Quwain, Musaffah and Jebel Ali needs skilled and efficient workforce.

They are ready to give good pay-outs to skilled persons. But the problem is it is very difficult for them to find skilled manpower. So they take help of Manpower supply companies who can provide the labour force according to their requirements at a short notice.

Construction workers are the people who give their services to construction companies. It includes masons, carpenter, plumbers etc. Construction workers get training from different labour supply services, those who have in house training centres and become trained on the site. Carpenters are in the highly demand to a civil construction company-

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Carpenter Worker

The word carpenter is derived from a Latin word Carpentrius (Maker) of a carriage. In normal language we know the carpenter as a person who works with woods.

A Carpenter is a construction professional who works with construction crews to build, adjust and repair wood frameworks in various construction projects.

Carpenter is the person who has the skills in first fixing of timber items. It can be the construction of roofs, floors and timber framed buildings.

Traditionally, carpenters worked with natural wood and did work such as framing. Carpentry is the most male dominated work because as the data says 98.5% of carpenters are male.

Carpenter is the person who joins the job first and last to leave.

A carpenter performs the tasks such as flooring, installing windows & doors, interior trim, solid surface, roofing, framing, siding flooring, computer access flooring, wall partitions, office & home furniture system & staircase making, etc.

Shuttering Carpenters

The person who is specialized in creating formwork or shuttering is called shutter carpenter. Formwork used to support the weight of the building or structure which built on top of it. Formwork provides strength to the structure. It is the addition of base materials and concrete. Shuttering refers to wooden boards or metal plates that are supported by rods. After placing these boards or plates, concrete can be poured within moulds. The mould will hold the concrete in place creating a solid, smooth structure. The shutter carpenters are highly specialized and skilled in their fields.

Finishing/Furniture Carpenter

A Finishing Carpenter also known as Furniture Carpenter is the one who provides finishing touches after the primary building of a structure is done. Finishing Carpentry includes baseboards, moulding, stairs, doors, hard wood floors, cabinet and windows. To know, where their expertise is needed they use specific instructions & blueprints.

Gypsum Carpenter

Gypsum boards are used instead of plaster to make interior walls. It is a wide flat board which is used to cover walls & partitions. The person who does this work called gypsum carpenter. We supply experienced Gypsum Carpenter on temporary basis for your project.

Responsibilities of Carpenter worker

  • Carpenter is the person who gives beautiful look to the structures.
  • They cut, shape & smooth lumbers and fibre glass.
  • They are responsible for strength & durability of structures as the foundation of any structure is made by shuttering carpenters.
  • They read blueprints & draw sketches of windows, doors & other parts where installation of wooden things are required.
  • They build window frames, doors, staircase & frame of building.
  • They take measurement & calculate the size of wooden needs in construction.
  • Cutting, shaping and rubbing lumber and other material according to measures.
  • Build window frames, doors, staircases and frame buildings by using raw materials or pre-constructed objects.
  • Installing wooden structures such as roofing frames, rafters, partitions, joists and stud work
  • Designing and installing cabinets, shelving, fitted furniture, drywall and insulation.Knowledge of building regulations and codes to be adhered to
  • Knowledge of building regulations and codes to be adhered to

Skills & Qualities of carpenter worker

There are some skills & qualities which a carpenter worker should have-

  • Carpenters should have excellent communication skills as they will have to communicate to their co-workers. A good communicator can avoid making costly mistakes.
  • They should have physical stamina as they will have to lift heavy blocks, drywalls.
  • They should have sharp visions because finishing carpentry depends on this.
  • Carpenter should know about different types of woods and how to handle them.
  • Carpenters should have good mathematical & calculating skills as it will be needed in taking measurements of windows, doors, drywalls & other furniture.
  • Reading blueprints, drawings and sketches to fully grasp essentials
  • Taking dimensions and calculating the size and amount of material needed.
  • Carpenters are typically employed in domestic and commercial settings, on construction sites and in factories and workshops.
  • Carpenters undertake a range of jobs including installing doors and windows, building furniture, designing and fitting kitchens and rebuilding roofs.
  • They may also be responsible for negotiating with suppliers and working with other specialists on construction projects.

What an employer can expect from a Carpenter worker

  • Ability to tolerate prolonged standing, bending & stretching because carpenters all work are done by standing.
  • Employer prefers the carpenter who has impeccable skills of carpentry.
  • Carpenters should be patient because they are the person who joins first the job & last to leave.
  • Employer gives priority to the finish carpenters who give attention to detail as the final finishing is done by them.
  • Finishing carpenters checks for scratches, gaps, putty smears & dents and repair them, so if they work diligently they will be preferred by the employers.

To fulfil these expectations of employer and to provide employment to skilled carpenters we “Manpower Supply Company” are providing our services to both. We work as a bridge between both. We provide our carpenter suppliers services to all the emirates of United Arab Emirates.

Our clients can get benefits for using our carpenter suppliers services such as

  • Time Saving: It can be time efficient to use our carpenter suppliers services. We provide manpower at a very short notice. So the employer can use their precious time in other work rather than searching for manpower.
  • Cost Effective: Hiring through manpower supplies in UAE can be cost effective. Using our carpenter suppliers services reduces the cost of pre-employment testing, drug screening, and background checking and other employment related tests because all tests we do. More over to get the right manpower is a tedious task.
  • Less responsibilities of maintaining the labour force: As we do take care of managing leaves of employees, medical reimbursement, and local conveyance, the employer will not have the headache of all these activities.
  • Network: We have the large network to hire skilled manpower. So HR department will be free from unskilled & semi-skilled workforce.

We at Manpower Supply UAE provide trained and skilled carpenters to the employers of all the major cities of UAE. We are working since last 15 years in this field and we have goodwill in the market, so our clients can expect best from us.

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