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There is a boom in electrical sector in United Arab Emirates. A lot of electrical companies have been established in UAE over the years. Due to this, the demand for qualified electricians are also increasing.UAE has a growing graph in the infrastructural development; especially in the electrical sector.UAE is the most favored destination, especially for electricians. Lots of projects are going on and many are in pipeline. In order to complete projects on time, it is essential to have talented and skilled manpower resources. Electrical companies find it difficult to hire talented and skilled electricians as it is time-consuming process. Manpower supply companies UAE play a vital role here, by providing skilled workforce and qualified manpower to electrical companies in uae.


An electrician is a tradesman who specializes in electrical wiring of buildings, lighting systems, stationary machines and other equipment. Electricians are employed to install and maintain wiring and new electrical components.

  • Lineman is a person who works on electric utility company at higher voltages.
  • Wireman works with lower voltages. Wireman is provided training in one of five primary specialties i.e.commercial, residential, light industrial, industrial, and low-voltage wiring.

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Responsibilities of Electrician

We are highly specialized in providing electrical manpower supply in different electrical job role categories like electrician, industrial electrician, electrical supervisor, electrical foreman etc.

Following are the responsibilities of an electrician

  • Electrician is responsible for inspecting electrical components such as transformers and circuit breakers.
  • Electrician installs and maintains wiring and lighting systems.
  • They identify electrical problems with various testing devices.
  • They repair electrical wiring by using hand tools.
  • Electricians connect power cables to equipment such as motors.
  • An electrician uses various tools such as measuring devices and testing equipment including ammeters and test lamps.
  • They test electrical systems by using testing devices such as ohmmeters and voltmeters to ensure the safety of a system.
  • They repair damaged systems by using hand tools to know the cause of a breakdown and resolve the problem.
  • They report to management in case any equipment is hazardous

Quality and skills of Electrician

Following are the quality and skills electrician should have:

  • Electrician should have problem-solving skills as an electrician should understand overall electrical problem and should know how to fix it.
  • Most of the work is assigned to electricians are through a document so good reading skills plays an important to understand the work requirements. Also the electricians have to understand work order and write a summary of their work.
  • The skill of time management pays a vital role to complete the task within the deadlines. The ability to plan their work properly has an added advantage.
  • They should not be scared of heights and should have the ability to work at heights.
  • The electricians should be able to distinguish the colors that are used to identify wires.
  • Electricians should have physical strength and good stamina so that they can work for a long time.

What the employer can expect from Electrician

Following are the requirements of an employer when they hire electricians

  • Ability to use electrical and hand tools.
  • Employer prefers the electrician who has an excellent problem-solving ability.
  • As the work of electricians is risky so employers always prefer to hire Electricians who have deep knowledge of safety procedures.
  • Electrician must be physically fit and should have the flexibility to work long shifts.
  • They should have excellent critical thinking.

The electrical sector has a lack of skilled and qualified electricians. There are many pass outs from technical institutions who aspire to become an electrician but still electrical companies find it difficult to hire an ideal candidate for them. We at Manpower Supply Company UAE provide skilled and qualified manpower to electrical companies within a short period.

Benefits of using our services in dubai

  • Save Time and Money: It takes a lot of time to find the best available talent and skilled manpower for your organization, so our panel of experts gets the job done for you at a faster pace thus save your time. We provide efficient and qualified manpower supply all over UAE at remarkable rates. Some companies in UAE execute small projects so it is not advisable to hire full-time employees for that so companies can hire our manpower supply services for short time and hence can save their operational cost.
  • Expertise: We have significant expertise in providing manpower electrician supplier staffing solutions to organizations across various sectors in UAE.We understand industry trends and meet expectations of organizations.
  • Provide Skilled Manpower: We are renowned Manpower Supply Company in UAE which have offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah and we are known for providing talented workforce on a short notice. While hiring the workers we properly check their background and do the technical test before issuing their visa . We provide genuine and skilled employees who will stay with you for a longer period. We at Manpower Supply Company can fill the manpower gap in no time.

Most Frequently Asked FAQ

Which is the best manpower electrical services in dubai?

World Star electrical services in dubai has the best manpower supply by providing every type of electrical work calls for industrial electrician expertise to offer the work accurately.

What services does the World Star manpower electrician supplier offer?

World Star manpower electrician supplier offer a wide range of works, like wiring, cabling works, cabling lying, cabling dressing, installations, and much more services

How can World Star manpower electrician supplier perform to your Benefit?

The benefit of getting the manpower electrician supplier from world star manpower electrical services in dubai is being free from the hassles of recruitment and direct staffing liability. All these will be taken care of by the world star manpower services for every kind of electrical companies in UAE.