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For every company, it is very important to think and take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of their employees or workers. Similarly, it automatically becomes crucial for a manpower supply company to take care of the health and safety of their employees.

Health and Safety measures that we at World Star Manpower Supply Company take are as follows:Health and Safety

  1. We at World Star Manpower Supply Company should sure that the labors are being contracted out to a safe workplace. We take all the necessary steps to ensure that our workforce has been handed over to a place which is safe and healthy for them.
  2. There is a system where employees or workers are covered by occupational injury insurance. If any worker suffers an occupational injury or illness then the World Star Manpower Supply Company will be responsible to report the injury and illness of the worker.
  3. Our Company make sure that our labors comply with all the rules and regulations that apply to their duties. If there is a need to change the procedure, routine or feedback regarding the guidelines from the worker’s side then they are being encouraged to do so.
  4. We make sure that the employers provide the safest and healthiest environment to our workers.

We have the best safety records and have our full focus towards excellence in safety in whatever we do. We make sure that we provide all the training to the local as well as international employees in our area of operations. In order to achieve superior quality in our area of operations, we provide local knowledge and certifications.

We provide manpower supply in UAE to the following sectors and all these manpower which we provide are trained to be have highest level of health and safety environment.

All these categories of manpower are provided in the entire emirates of UAE .From the year 2017 , Ministry of Human Resources and Emiritisation ordered to appoint safety officers in construction companies with more than 500 employees to make the working environments more safe.

The basic knowledge or skills towards health and safety that we provide to our labors are:

  1. First Aid Readiness
  2. Spill Response
  3. Closed Space Entry
  4. Elevate work

Health and Safety Manpower SupplyThis is to ensure that they have the required safety knowledge and also to give them a safe working environment. We encourage our labors to be a part of the following programs:

  • We set the policies and guidelines on workplace health, safety and wellness and ensure that the workers should follow them and we also follow the same in order to solve the issues related to health and safety of our workers.
  • There are various programs that we conduct to provide the required education to our workers. Therefore, we proactively support our manpower’s involvement in our health, safety and wellness programs.
  • To conduct these types of programs require the adequate resources. We help our employees or workers to have access to those resources to make sure that they don’t leave behind.

We at World Star Manpower Supply Company take all the measures to take care of our manpower’s safety and health.

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