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Despite the global economic situations, not only the global but challenging regional economic and political environment, UAE continues to be the number one centers for the construction industry. It is growing at a rapid speed and contributing at the rate of 10% to the GDP. Government is also putting all its efforts to remain the world’s leading center for the construction market. 82% of all the building project in the UAE is consist of commercial and residential projects. The future of this sector is really positive. According to the current trends and reports, there are several factors which are indicating towards positive signs for the construction industry in the coming years.

A lot of investments are going in this sector. And as the level of investment is rising, the demand for the skilled workers is growing and that too in rapid speed. This is a challenge for the construction industry to fulfill this increasing demand in a short span of time. Therefore, to solve this big problem, Manpower Supply Companies are emerging. Their main focus is to provide the skilled workers as and when there is a requirement of them in the construction market. They provide the best quality workforce since they take care of all the pre-interview processes i.e. testing, screening, background check and other tasks.

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Manpower Supply Companies have a huge network of workers for different fields; one of them is the cleaner.

Before the construction starts and after it gets over, cleaning is very important. And therefore, this task is being performed by a cleaner. A cleaner is required to clean the site that he is working on. It includes initial and final site cleaning by using different cleaning tools. Apart from cleaning the tasks that a cleaner does includes stocking, and supplying designated facility areas (dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning ceiling vents, restroom cleaning etc.)

Responsibilities of a Cleaner

Manpower Supply Companies have a huge network of workers for different fields; one of them is the cleaner.

  • Clean Site Office.
  • Clean Site Welfare unit.
  • Report repairs of defects in site office or welfare unit.
  • Order and maintain stock of cleaning equipment and products.
  • A cleaner must be able to remove dust from ceiling pipes, ductwork, vents, light fixtures etc.
  • It also involves cleaning windowsills and window frames.
  • Cleaning and washing all surfaces.
  • Removing any items or waste that is not used from the work area.

What the employer can expect in Cleaner hired from a Manpower Supply Company

Any employer looks for some qualities that a cleaner should have. Nobody wants to hire a person who lacks the required qualities.

  • Should have the ability to read and comprehend the instructions and guidelines.
  • He must be punctual, hardworking, physically fit and a people person.
  • Should have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with a variety of people.
  • Should have knowledge of construction industry and should have information about all the cleaning related tools.
  • Should be able to work individually as well as in a team.
  • Understanding of Health and Safety regulations.

An employer needs all the above qualities in a cleaner. However, in order to hire or recruit such a person with all these qualities, it takes a lot of time and money. A manpower cleaner companies always want to hire a skilled person but also wants to spend less on the hiring process. All these challenges and issues are being solved by Manpower Supply Company.

How Manpower Supply Company can solve this problem

Manpower Supply Company fulfils each and every need of a construction company by working as a bridge between the job providers and the job seekers. They reduce the gap between supply and demand of workforce in the construction industry. They not just provide them with the skilled workers but also the below mentioned advantageous:

  • Cost: The cost involved in hiring and the pre-hiring process is huge if a company do it by itself. In order to reduce this cost, this work can be outsourced to a manpower supply company which has expertise in this field. They do all the tasks such as testing, screening, the background check on behalf of the company which helps the construction company to reduce the cost of HR department and get the quality workforce.
  • Skilled Workers: Since a Manpower Supply Company’s core business is to provide the manpower to the company in need, they have a huge network of skilled workers with them. The construction company only needs to just hire and execute the project and leave them. All the labours are well trained in their respective fields.If there is a lack of experience then we can give additional training at our training location there by giving skilled workforce to the companies.
  • Less Time: A company needs a lot of time to hire a skilled person since the full hiring process takes a lot of time. And if there is an urgent requirement of the workforce then the company in order to provide the workers on time might end up hiring unskilled candidates that can be a additional cost to the company. Therefore, to deal with this problem a Manpower Supply Company can be hired to do all tasks related to hiring and provide the quality workers as and when needed in less time.

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