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Welder Manpower

The work of a welder is to join different metals together and convert them in a new product. Some techniques which welders use are shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, plastic welding, resistance welding. With the technological advancement, some more welding techniques came into existence such as electron beam welding, laser beam welding, laser beam welding, gas tungsten arc welding, and many others. All these techniques are used by the welders to join metals.

Responsibilities of a Welder:
  • The welder cut and joins different kinds of material.
  • A welder is also responsible for the repair of different parts of industrial machinery by using various welding techniques.
  • Before welding, a welder has to analyze the designs of the final product so that everything fits in the right place.

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Fabricator Manpower

The main task of fabricators is to fabricate different kinds of materials. A fabricator can convert the simple things and ideas into something different and advanced. To create metal products a fabricator has to use his knowledge and technical skills. To create new products fabricators use metal products such as automobile parts, metal sheets, elements of machines, and many other metal commodities. Nowadays you can find the role of fabricators in the production of advanced and innovative goods such as racers cars and modified and advanced vehicles. With the development, the demand of fabricators is increasing in the entire UAE.

Responsibilities of a Fabricator:
  • It is required for a fabricator that he can read, understand, and interpret the blueprint or work plan of a product or manufacturing process.
  • Mechanical and technical skills like measuring, cutting, and fitting of different metals are the necessary skills that the fabricators must possess.
  • On the other hand, the ability to check the functionality of new products or equipment are necessary so that a fabricator can ensure the workability and longevity of the new products.

Pipe Fitter Manpower

Pipe fitters are specialized in the joining of pipes. They have to repair and maintain the pipe systems at construction sites. Pipe fitter has to assemble the different components of a pipe system. To become a skilled pipe fitter they have to undergo four to five years of on the job training. This is necessary for the skill development because in classroom training they do not get the practical exposure. After completion of the training, the pipe fitters get numerous opportunities.

Responsibilities of a Pipe Fitter:
  • Being a pipe fitter it is important to coordinate with the managers and workers from different fields.
  • The pipe fitter must have the exact idea of the requirements of the size and shapes of pipes for a particular project.
  • The pipefitters have to ensure that the pipeline is working well and there is any problem they have to fix it.
  • The pipefitters have to read and understand the architectural plan or blueprint of the construction site.

Ductman Manpower

Duct manpower is divided into three types Duct Fabricator, Duct Installer, and Duct Foreman. Duct fabricators work at the manufacturing plants and construction sites. They also are known as sheet metal workers. The work of a Duct fabricator revolves around the ductwork.

Duct installer makes the layout and installs the air conditioning ducts and ventilation equipment. The main responsibility of a Duct installer is to installing ducts and their fitting. They have to follow a proper safety procedure.

The Duct Foreman supervises the duct fabricator and duct installer. They provide the detailed instructions and guidelines to duct installer and duct fabricator. They coordinate the activities with management to complete the tasks.

Responsibilities of a Ductman
  • The Duct fabricator has to provide details regarding duct cutting list which is indicated in the drawing plan to duct foreman and project engineers.
  • A duct installer installs the heat and air conditioning units.
  • The responsibility of a duct foreman is to prepare the schedule for each workgroup.
  • All types of ductman should have the capabilities to review the blueprints for the ductwork.

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Insulator Manpower

Nowadays the buildings are insulated to save the energy in summers as well as winters. The process of insulation is done by the insulators. During the renovation, the insulator removes the old insulation by using knives and scissors. Sometimes insulators also use power tools like power saws, air compressors, welders, staple guns, etc.

Responsibilities of an Insulator:
  • Insulators remove the old insulation during the renovation of a building.
  • They should have read and interprete the instructions, blueprints, and other necessary documentation.
  • Insulator transfers the materials and equipment like cover, seal and finished insulated surfaces to work site and sets up work site.
  • During the installation, the insulator must follow the hazardous waste handling guidelines.

Plumber Manpower

The job of a plumber is to install and maintain plumbing systems like drinking water system, drainage, and sewage. The plumber basically installs and repairs the plumbing system which is connected to the appliances, fixtures, and machines. Usually, a plumber also involves in the designing and drafting of the layouts or blueprints.

Responsibilities of a Plumber
  • The main responsibility of a plumber is to take all the steps in the installation, maintenance, repair of the plumbing systems.
  • The plumber is responsible for the cutting, assembling and installing pipes and tubes at the sites whether it is commercial or residential.
  • A plumber is responsible for troubleshooting of system malfunctions and failures.

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