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Oil and Gas industry Manpower Supply

Every economy is based on one common factor and that is Oil and Gas industry . Oil and Gas is the prime determinant of the economic condition of any country. World’s economy is directly related and influenced by Oil and Gas industry and there by Oil and Gas Manpower . UAE is one of the leading producers and exporter of oil and gas and it is still growing rapidly. Therefore, it creates the huge demand for the skilled professionals for all the technical or non-technical work in oil and gas industry.

As there is advancement in oil and gas industry, the demand for professional employees is continuously increasing. It becomes difficult to find the right person for the position. Not only finding the right person is difficult but this process of hiring and recruiting is also very time-consuming.

We at World Star are devoted to offering worldwide exceptional equipment and offerings to its ever-disturbing purchaser base. It has labors of verified well experienced and service for Oil Field companies in UAE, aiming with a single-minded aim of satisfying consumer needs through handing over price-powerful and supreme quality work outcome.

Oil and Gas Field Services

This problem of meeting the demand is being solved by oil and gas field services  Manpower Supply Companies. These companies are emerging to provide every possible solution to the issue of manpower shortage which is directly related to the economy of UAE.

Manpower Supply Company is specialized in providing the manpower related to oil and gas industry. We have a huge network of candidates for different profiles. The professionals that manpower Supply Company can provide to oil and gas industries are

There are other positions as well for which we can provide the desired candidates.There are a number of Oil and Gas companies in UAE. If you are thinking why you should hire our services.

  • Operational Managers
  • Pipeline Personnel
  • Procurement Professionals
  • Project Engineers (all disciplines)
  • Planners and Schedulers
  • Safety Personnel
  • Technicians
  • Supervisors
  • Inspectors
  • Technical Helpers
  • GPS Operator
  • Drivers (with desert driving experience)
  • Contract Administrators
  • Process Engineers
  • DCS Operators
  • Cost Controllers
  • Design Engineers (all disciplines)
  • Drilling Personnel
  • Off Shore staff
  • Draftsmen (all disciplines)
  • Field Support Personnel
  • Construction Staff
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Logistics

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Benefits of hiring our Oil and Gas field services


  • Specialization: Oil and Gas industry is one of our areas of expertise. We at World Star Manpower Supply Company have more than 15 years of experience in providing manpower to oil and gas companies in abu dhabi. So we understand the needs of the oil and gas industry and provide the best quality of employees to this industry.
  • Save Time: As we are specialized in finding candidates for oil and gas industry, and take much less time in the pre-hiring process than taken by any oil and gas company.
  • Reach:We provide human resources from all over the world and have a huge network of resources belonging to different countries.
  • Quality Workforce: We at World Star Manpower Supply Company provide the quality and skilled manpower to the oil and gas industry. We look for the candidates who are skilled, motivated and are determined to work in deserts, snowfields, offshore and mountains in oil and gas companies in abu dhabi.
  • Cost: The most important benefit of hiring our services is low cost.As an oil and gas company has no need to spend a lot of money on the pre-hiring process. They can just outsource this task to a specialized oil and gas manpower supply company.

General procedure followed to recruit the skilled workforce

  • Detailed research of client’s need: It is to be considered as one of the essential steps while looking for a candidate which is suitable for this process. The HR experts in the World Star Manpower Supply Company try to understand the roles and responsibilities for the required position. They also deep dive into the company’s business activities and work culture. This is all done to make sure that the candidates are up to the standards set by the oil and gas company.
  • Look for the ideal resource: Different database is used in order to find the suitable candidates and to shortlist the potential candidates. After going through their CVs and shortlisting them, our team of experts takes a preliminary interview. By this interview, they check the candidate’s qualifications, skills, competency, and experience.
  • Selection of the candidate: This step is taken to not to miss a single mismatch between the job profile and the experience and qualities of that candidate. After going through the screening process, our HR experts re-examine the candidates’ skills and competency, qualification, feedback from the previous company. In this step, from the already shortlisted candidates in the first step, further shortlisting is done to get the best out of the lot. Also then the manpower supply company negotiates so that a skilled and professional get the most competitive pay scale.
  • Visa Process: After the candidate selection we will apply their visa with UAE government departments.
  • Hiring: This is the last stage of the whole process where a communication or agreement is made between our company and the candidate. An agreement letter is prepared and an offer letter is also prepared to be given to the candidate. The manpower supply company also helps the candidate in their documentation.

Finding the right Oil and Gas Manpower is a difficult and time-consuming process for your oil and gas companies in abu dhabi. There are number of reason to choose a manpower supply company .When you outsource this task you can save lots of time and resources and can focus on your business development. As an expert, we can perform this task in a much better way for you. So hire our services to get skilled, quality, and genuine manpower for your oil and gas company without any hassle.

Most Frequently Asked FAQ

Which is the best manpower supply to oil and gas companies in abu dhabi?

World Star Manpower services are the best oil and gas manpower supply by providing the highest level of customer service & devoted to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction for oil and gas companies in uae.

Why Choose World star oil and gas manpower supply?

World star manpower supply oil and gas field services align talent strategies with business processes to bring the right qualified laborer for your oil and gas companies in abu dhabi

How can manpower supply oil field companies in uae work to Your Advantage?

Holding strong vision, dedication, and extensive experience at a professional level, we provide the best advanced skilled manpower supply in the field of the oil and gas companies in uae.