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The construction industry of UAE is booming. It is increasing its construction work day by day with the new projects. But it is also known that there is a lack of qualified scaffolder in various construction related projects. Mostly they hire the manpower from outside labour supply companies inorder to meet the project dead line. Companies operating in cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Alain, Mussafah, and Jebel Ali always require different categories of workers for their construction projects.

Here the need of manpower Supply Company arises because it is very difficult for the organizations to hire construction workers from outside. So they take help of Manpower supply companies working in those cities. Construction manpower is those people who provide their services in construction of these huge projects. It includes masons, carpenters, riggers, scaffolders, etc. Now, for a big projects in UAE Scaffolders is in demand and we are working towards this.

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What Scaffolder does

A scaffolder is a person who erects & dismantles scaffolding. Scaffolding is the temporary structure which is used to support underdeveloped construction.

Scaffolds are widely used on site of construction to get access to heights and areas where to reach is hard.

If Scaffolding is not done properly, it can result in death & serious injury. Apart from construction sites, it is also used in concert to make stages.Pipes, Tubes, Couplers and boards are used as basic components in scaffolding.

Tubes are usually made of either steel or aluminum. The key elements of scaffolding are standard, ledger & transoms. The standards, also called uprights are the vertical tubes that transfer the entire mass of the structure.

Responsibilities of Scaffolders

  • Primary scaffolding work includes planning according to the site requirements and then arranges necessary scaffolding materials to suit the work.
  • Then they create a vertical stable base on the ground so that it will not destroy before the time.
  • They put tubes horizontally and vertically according to the site requirements.
  • Then they attached that scaffold structure to the building.
  • Then planks will be fixed in the scaffolds so that worker can stand on that confidently.
  • Fixing guard rails & safety nets.
  • Dismantling & taking out of scaffolding after the finishing of jobs.

Skills & Qualities of a Scaffolder

Scaffolding is a very critical job. That’s why a scaffolder should have some of the following skills & qualities :

  • All construction works are the hard jobs. To do any kind of construction jobs such as a mason, a plumber, and scaffolding, physical strength is the main requirement. A scaffolder should have physical strength, fitness & stamina because they will have to work at heights.
  • Scaffolding cannot be done alone means an individual cannot do this work. So any scaffolder should have the ability to work in a team and should have the strength to support his colleagues.
  • As they work on heights, it is very necessary that a scaffolder should be safety-conscious for him as well as for his colleagues.
  • Before starting work, a structure of scaffold is prepared. So any scaffold worker should have planning & organizational skills that how to start from zero.

What an employer can expect from a Scaffolder

Employers are the person who always expects best from their workers-

  • Any employer will prefer the Scaffolder who has experience on the construction site, as it is a very risky job. They will not like to take a risk of anyone’s death or injury.
  • Scaffolder will have to work always outside in all weathers, so he may be prepared for this if he wants to get preference by the employers.
  • Scaffolder should be friendly with travel because they will have to travel site to site.
  • Manual dexterous scaffolders will be preferred.

We make sure that the employers get best-skilled workers. We Manpower supply are providing our services to the employers in fulfilling their needs. Apart from this, we are working for the welfare of such construction workers too. Sometimes it happens that the skilled workforce did not find work according to their abilities, so this problem ends here. Workers will do the work matching their abilities.

The advantages of hiring Scaffolder from a Manpower Supply Company

  • Cost Saving: Using our services can reduce the cost of hiring employees and spending on them in regards to pre-employment tests. Because we provide ready to work workforce after all tests being done. No need to work more on employees.
  • Provide required skills and guidance: As we know the market trends, we provide matching skills workers to the employers. We prepare enough the workers to give their best through guidance.
  • No need for advertisements: As we provide workforce at a short notice there is no need to advertisement and extravagance.
  • Less footwork: Less footwork will be needed in searching jobs for workers and hire candidates to the employer because we manpower supply work for both.

We at Manpower Supply UAE provide trained & skilled scaffolders to employer matching their work requirements. We are working in different cities of UAE like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Alain, Mussafah, and Jebel Ali for the past 15 years, so we will not let your work down.

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