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As the construction industry is booming in UAE, the requirement of civil construction worker is increasing. The construction industry is becoming one of the highest employers in almost all the emirates of UAE. Though there are several kinds of construction worker are needed in the civil construction but steel fixer are high in demand nowadays. We at Manpower Supply Company are known for providing skilled and reliable construction workers.

We offer every type of construction workers for long as well as short-term basis. If you ever want some workers for a day, we can easily arrange the same on a short notice. As the demand is high for steel fixers in the country and it is tough to get steel fixers, but we can provide reliable and skilled steel fixers according to your requirements.

Steel fixers also called iron workers or rod busters, uses steel bars and position them to reinforce the concrete on construction projects to strengthen the buildings and other big structures. The work involves several engineering drawings such as details and types of steel bars, spacing used, and setting out the work. These reinforcing bars are tied together with wires. Steel fixer is also responsible for attaching spacers and chairs which determine the amount of concrete cover.

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Responsibilities of a Steel Fixer

Below are some roles and responsibilities of Steel Fixer

  • Steel fixer have to work on the construction projects for buildings, apartments, housing societies, houses, high rising houses, offices, factories, tunnels, bridges, etc.
  • The work of steel fixer involves several kinds of engineering drawing so they must have the ability to follow the engineering diagrams and instructions.
  • Steel fixer will closely work with engineering designers, steel erectors and other construction workers.
  • They will take care of the things that steel don’t catch rust, in case of rust over the steel
  • They will clean this rust by wire brush, grinders, and various methods such as sandblasting depending upon the extent of the rusting.

What an employer can expect from a Steel Fixer

Bar bending and fixing is one of the specialized trade of the civil construction industry. Some trades which you can expect from a steel fixer are:

  • Skills of making, cutting, and bending of reinforcement bars using hand and other power tools.
  • Fabricating, placing, and fixing the reinforcement bars at the desired locations.

The day to day duties of steel fixers includes

  • Setting out the work area, and following the engineering plans.
  • Bending the steel bars or mashes with the help of hands and power tools.
  • Tying reinforcement bars together with the help of wires, welds, or clips to build up sections.
  • Fitting chairs and spacers to provide support.
  • Fixing of the wooden formwork or shuttering to hold the concrete in place.
  • Fixing steel to concrete bases.
  • Installing pre-cast slabs and beams.

Some other skills which do matter for an on-going and quality works are

Some of the skills are :

  • Physical fitness of steel fixers, because if they are fit then only they will be able to give their complete dedication to complete the project on time.
  • Ability to grasp technical knowledge and equipment handling skills.
  • Decision-making abilities
  • Good written and oral communication skills

When you hire our services we assure you to provide the best possible skilled steel fixers. We do a proper screening of each and every candidate to ensure their reliability and skills. Our team of experts has several years of experience in selecting the top-notch candidates according to your requirements. We provide the candidate who has the relevant work experience or work-based qualification so that you do not face any difficulties in handling the manpower.

Some benefits of hiring our manpower supply services

We help you to hire and maintain the best quality staff according to your requirement. You can access our steel fixer manpower supply services in all the major cities of UAE – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Alain, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Um Al Quain and Fujairah.

  • We provide the steel fixers who have good knowledge of safe work practices and handling of the reinforcement bars properly so that they can work without damaging the other things and ignoring the safety rules.
  • The diligent, organised, and methodical steel fixers provided by us have the ability to take quick decisions. Their good communication skills help them to work in a team and they prefer to finish the work within defined limits.
  • We are the manpower supply industry experts from past more than fifteen years. So we have the insight about the industry which will help us to provide you, the best manpower according to industry standards.
  • When you hire our labour supply services, you just have to deal with a single company instead of dealing with several candidates. So you can save on your human resource expenses.
  • We do the proper screening of every candidate to check their capabilities and skills so that we can provide you with the best available talent.
  • The physically fit steel fixers provided by us work efficiently across various locations in withstanding extreme weather conditions.
  • We are the industry experts with several years of experience, so we possess the largest network of skilled manpower. We can assist you to provide quality and reliable manpower within no time.
  • During the screening process, we check all the qualities and work habits of every candidate so that we can provide you the manpower who can work efficiently to complete your project on time.

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