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In the last few years after the financial crises were over, the construction industry rises rapidly in UAE. And the outlook for infrastructure development sector in UAE is positive for the coming years. The construction sector is contributing to the GDP of UAE at 10%. It is all set to provide the tourism benefits to UAE. Governments are showing interest in investing more in the construction industry which has various segments in itself such as infrastructure, retail, hospitality, and commercial. Today infrastructure sector of UAE is known for its marvellous international ranking. All these investments in huge projects are creating opportunities for people and these opportunities are increasing the demand for the skilled and knowledgeable workforce. And to carry out this task of providing the skilled worker is done by labour Supply Companies. They have a large network of skilled workers that belong to different categories of jobs. These labour supply companies do all the testing, screening of the person to see if that is suitable for a particular opportunity or not.

These Manpower Supply Companies have a large network of skilled workers. One of these types of workers is Ductman. They can provide Duct foreman, Duct installer, and Duct fabricators.

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A duct worker is mainly classified into three i.e. a Duct Fabricator, a Duct Installer, and a Duct foreman.

Duct fabricators are also known as sheet metal workers as they work at the construction sites as well as in manufacturing plants. They generally construct ductwork products that are used in heating and cooling requirements. These are products are mainly utilized in office buildings and residential buildings and homes. Apart from this, a duct fabricator uses other materials, for example, fiberglass and plastic to produce ductwork. A duct fabricator’s work mainly revolves around the work that involves ductwork. The ductwork includes fabrication stage, installation stage, and continuous maintenance stage. A duct fabricator works throughout these stages.

A Duct installer is one who performs the layout and installation of air conditioning duct and ventilation equipment. They are responsible for designing and installing ducts and duct fittings. They are involved in doing paperwork, adhering to company procedures, and following safety procedures.

A Duct foreman is the one who supervises a duct fabricate. He gives all the instructions and guidelines to duct fabricator and duct installer. He coordinates work team activities with other team leaders and management personnel as necessary to complete the tasks. A duct foreman checks whether all the work orders were completed effectively and according to the time frame.

Responsibilities of a Duct Fabricator

The responsibility of a duct fabricator:

  • A Duct fabricator provides details regarding duct cutting list indicated in the drawing plan to other teams such as project engineers and duct foreman.
  • They review the blueprints for the ductwork.
  • They determine the type of material and the quantity of material for the heating and cooling systems.
  • The duct fabricator pulls out the sheets of metal from the available stock and crafts it into the piping system.

Responsibilities of a Duct Installer

  • A duct installer should assist with the installation of heat or air conditioning units.
  • A duct installer prepares sheet metal, hangs ductwork, runs gas lines and installs units.
  • A duct installer installs HVAC units.
  • A duct installer also needs to do troubleshooting layouts to ensure productivity.
  • A duct installer is responsible for keeping adequate stock of fitting and repair supplies.
  • His role is also to ensure complete safety during mechanical and electrical tasks.

Responsibilities of a Duct Foreman

  • A duct foreman should prepare a schedule for each workgroup.
  • He should take off the material needed in the project with utmost care and judiciously.
  • He should keep a note of daily work and report all the daily problems and progress to the site engineer.

Qualities which a Ductman must have

  • They should possess basic math calculation as the technology involved needs the knowledge of basic maths.
  • They should have the required strength as they need to lift heavy materials during the process.
  • They should be able to read and understand terms and work related to ductwork. They should understand the blueprints, manuals and should be able to work with computers.


Employers need that they have ductman who can perform the ductwork efficiently and effectively. They want someone who has good reading and understanding abilities.

The one who can follow the guidelines and who can understand the specifications well enough. At the same time, these companies feel that they do not spend a lot of their time in hiring and recruiting the worker.

Most ductwork is finished on site during the final installation, or the fabricator will do all the work, from plan specifications to cutting out the ductwork pieces on site.

The duct fabricator secures the metal hangers to walls and ceilings to hold the ductwork. He runs it from the heating or cooling system to the metal grating located in every room that will either be forced air registers or cold air return ducts.

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Manpower Supply Company solves these issues. We provide the infrastructure and constructing companies with the required workers.

  • Low cost: For a construction company it becomes really easy if all the work related to HR department and training department is done by a third party. Therefore, we do all the tasks from testing, screening and background investigation. This helps companies to save a lot of money on hiring procedure.
  • Need-Based Contracts: A company can need the workers for a long-term or a short-term period. And this need is being fulfilled by Manpower Supply Company. We provide them with the required workforce according to their contact.
  • Saves Time: As we do all the tasks related to HR department for different companies that we are indulged with, it saves a lot of their time so that they can focus more on their core work.
  • Network: A company need not post an advertisement to hire a particularly skilled manpower. We have a larger network of skilled workers and that too for different tasks which makes it easier for a construction company to rely on us for the skilled workforce according to their requirement.

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