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When it comes to working environment, the United Arab Emirates is one of those places where the work culture is so great that almost everybody enjoys working here. Different surveys have shown that half of the working professionals are happy with their jobs in UAE. UAE has a rapidly growing economy, so the requirement of manpower is increasing day by day in almost all the emirates. There are so many industries which have been set up recently in the United Arab Emirates, which results in high demand of workers in this area. A huge number of construction projects are under process in this region and this number is only going to increase in the near future.

In today’s world, a skilled fabricator has become the need of the hour. Almost every construction or manufacturing industries needs talented fabricator who can execute the fabrication work with high efficiency. It is observed that many companies are facing the problem of shortage of fabricators. But this problem can be tackled easily as there are so many labour supply companies which are ready to provide high-quality skilled fabricators at nominal hourly or monthly rates. This saves a lot of time and resource of the organization, as they don’t have to invest their time and money to find a talented fabricator. They just have to call one of the manpower supply companies and all of the work can be done on time.

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A fabricator is a person who fabricates different kind of materials. A fabricator is responsible for converting a simple thing or a simple idea into something completely advanced. The fabricator has to mold elementary material into complex final goods and products.

A fabricator has to use his technical skills and knowledge to create various metal products such as metal sheets, automobile parts, elements of machines and sometimes as big commodities as bridges and tanks. Nowadays fabricators are also required for the production of advanced goods such as racer cars, advanced vehicles.

The job of a fabricator ranges from very simple tasks to some of the most complicated ones. The basic job activities are performed manually by a fabricator, but sometimes a fabricator also needs to take the help of devices like advanced machines and computers.

Responsibilities of Fabricator

The primary job responsibilities of a fabricator are as follows

  • A fabricator should know how to read and interpret a work plan or blueprint of the manufacturing process of the product.
  • A fabricator must know the engineering plans used to create the final product. He should be aware of the functionality of the final commodity.
  • A fabricator must possess the technical and mechanical skills such as cutting, fitting and measuring different metal parts. He should also have the welding skills so that he can change the shape of the metals as required by the firm.
  • A fabricator must also have the ability to constantly check the functioning of equipment to ensure the longevity of the product.
  • The fabricator also needs to check and maintain the welds of the equipment. He also needs to determine whether or not, there is a need for reconstruction or repairmen of the machinery parts.
  • Fabricators are manufacturers of assorted products using various raw materials, tools and their own hands. Their primary responsibilities include reading and understanding assembly instructions, ensuring that the required parts are present and meeting quality control standards.

Quality and Skills of Fabricator

  • High level of creativity: A skilled fabricator should be highly creative. Creativeness is one attribute an employer always looks for when hiring a professional fabricator. So a fabricator should be creative enough to see the whole process of making of a product in advance (in his mind).
  • Focus on small details: A fabricator’s job involves working on small details, so he should particularly give more attention to each and every detail; no matter how small the detailing is because even a tiny mistake can result in a disastrous final product.
  • Knowledge of equipment: A fabricator must be well familiar with the tools and equipment which he is going to use. Deep knowledge of tools allows the fabricator to do his work efficiently. It also saves a lot of time of the professional and prevents him from all the hassle.
  • A professional fabricator should make sure that precautionary measures are taken while performing day to day activities to maintain a safe working environment for everybody working in the organization.
  • Sometimes, fabricators have to use computer programs such as AutoCAD to speed up the process. So, some knowledge of computer is also required in the job of fabrication.
  • A fabricator may also have to do some calculations while working on a project to maintain a certain level of precision. So good maths skills can be handy for a fabricator. This skill differentiates skilled professional fabricators from the others.
  • A fabricator must have some basic knowledge such as Arc welding, tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), Gas metal arc welding (GMAW), etc.


We are best in the business when it comes to providing quality fabricator manpower supply to different organizations in UAE. We give training to workers and then supply manpower to small as well as large firms according to their requirements. You can count on us whenever there is a need for efficient fabricator at affordable rates. We can proudly say that we are one of the best manpower supply companies because we have more than 15 years of experience in this field.

The pricing of our services is very nominal. Not only this, we also train the workers at our training centres before providing the manpower to our client. We train them strictly to follow health and safety procedures during the work. So you don’t have to worry about these time-consuming processes and hence you can concentrate on the productivity. Our company thrives on providing high-quality manpower supply to our clients so that they can maximize their profit by saving their valuable time and money.

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