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United Arab Emirates has become one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world. Its various sectors are now witnessing growth and creating job opportunities for their people. The construction sector is one of them and accounts for almost 10% of the total GDP of UAE. Not only the current situation but the outlook for the UAE construction sector is positive for the many years to come.

The construction industry in UAE is a large hub which has several segments of it. It has spread across residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare and roads and infrastructure segments. The major projects that are ongoing are roadways, airport and port. And this is creating immense job opportunities for the people. And hence, there is an increase in the demand for the manpower in the construction industry. One of the various types of construction jobs with high demand is Insulator.We provide insulator manpower supply to construction industries in UAE.

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As there is a surge in the demand for the manpower in the construction sector, there is a constant challenge in finding the manpower and just not the manpower but the quality and qualified manpower for the required projects.

To overcome this challenge the role of manpower supply companies comes into the picture. These companies are formed to supply manpower to the construction companies. Their main focus is to provide skilled and quality man force to the infrastructure development companies.

The role of manpower supply company is not just limited to providing the workforce but also to train the workers and provide them with the required the knowledge before they are sent out to the construction companies. There are demands for different kinds worker specialized in a different type of work and this is being fulfilled by these manpower supply companies.


We all know that buildings are insulated to save energy in winters and in summers as well. Therefore, this role of securing insulation in the building by using several tools is being done by an insulator. In order to do so an insulator must possess knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedure. They basically remove the old insulation when a building is being renovated.

The tools that an insulator uses are mainly knives and scissors. They also make use of power tools, for example, power saws, welders, staple guns and air compressors. Insulation is applied to different kinds of equipment, pipes, or ductwork in businesses, factories, and building by a mechanical insulator. They have to take care of every minute detailing while insulating, for example, they consider the diameter, thickness, and temperature of the pipe in determining the type of insulation to be used.

Responsibilities of an Insulator

An insulator basically takes care of the following responsibilities:

  • An insulator is responsible to remove and dispose of the old insulation before he can start with the installation.
  • He should read and interpret blueprints, instructions, and other documentation or plan work activities to know the type and quantity of insulation required for a particular equipment, building or other mechanical systems.
  • An insulator must determine the amounts and selects required such as fibreglass, foam rubber, Styrofoam, cork, or urethane, based on materials ability to retain heat, location, surface, shape, and equipment use.
  • He must be able to move materials and equipment such as cover, seal or finished insulated surfaces to work locations and sets up work site.
  • Secure insulation with the help of staples, tape, or screws.
  • Install sheet metal around insulated pipes with screws in order to protect the insulation from weather conditions or any physical damage.
  • Whiling installing the insulation an insulator must follow all hazardous waste handling guidelines as he would be responsible for observing and complying with all safety and project rules.

Quality and Skills of an Insulator

Quality and Skills of an Insulator

  • As a mechanical insulator performs various measurements such as the size of the equipment or pipe that he is insulting, he must be good at calculating so to apply shop mathematics to solve problems and to make decisions based on measurable criteria.
  • An insulator must possess mechanical skills since he has to use a variety of hand and power tools to install and insulation.
  • An insulator must be physically strong and should have good physical stamina as he performs most of his tasks by standing, kneeling and bending.
  • He must be able to visualize objects in three dimensions and be able to see the differences in the size, shape and forms of lines and figures.
  • Insulators sometimes wrap a cover of aluminum, sheet metal, or plastic over the insulation. Doing so protects the insulation from contact damage and keeps moisture out.
  • Insulators install and replace the material that saves energy and helps reduce noise in buildings and around vats, vessels, boilers, steam pipes, and water pipes.
  • Insulators also install fire-stopping materials to prevent the spread of a fire and smoke throughout a building.

Benefits of using our services

  • Expectation: Every employer who wants to hire an Insulator has certain requirements or capabilities that an insulator must fulfil. Nobody wants to give a position of an Insulator to a person who has no minimum knowledge, no physical capacity, and no visualizing and measuring capabilities. And more importantly, an employer definitely wants an insulator that can follow the guidelines in order to perform the functions of the job. Employers want that they don’t have to send a lot of time and money finding a good insulator.
  • Saves Time: Hiring and recruiting manpower requires setting up a proper HR department. Insulator Manpower Supply Services involves not only cost but the time as well in spending weeks after weeks to hire the right person for the job. This challenge faced by the construction companies is being solved by Manpower Supply Company as we provide this service and provide the workforce according to the needs of our clients.
  • Provide Expertise workforce: We spend every day to provide manpower staffing solutions to organisations across various industry sectors in UAE. Therefore, we have significant expertise in the UAE. We are dynamic and understand the industry trends and employer’s needs.
  • Flexible Contracts: We provide contracts according to the requirement of the companies. Some companies want manpower for a short-term period while some want for a long-term period. Therefore, we are flexible contracts based on the need of the client.
  • Saves Money: Our manpower company is advantageous as the company in need of manpower does not to spend extra money on recruitment and training of the workers. Since our expertise in this, we provide skilled and efficient insulator manpower supply at a decent cost.
  • Solution: The solution to these many problems is provided by a Manpower Supply Company. They are best at handling these challenges on behalf of construction companies and that too in an efficient way.

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