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Today many countries are facing the challenge of adverse global economic situations. Despite this fact, job opportunities in the United Arab Emirates are growing continuously. Currently, UAE is one of the biggest construction markets in the world. Presently 22,680 (approx.) construction projects are active in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and these projects have a whopping value of more than $2.43tn. This figure is astonishing as it is higher than the GDP of more than 200 countries. And the amazing thing is that according to the studies by many economists, this figure is only going to increase in the near future. In UAE, the size of the construction industry is so huge that the demand for construction workers is increasing day by day. The only problem which these giant infrastructure companies are facing is the inability to acquire quality workforce. It is turning out to be the biggest challenge for the companies situated in UAE. Here comes the role of manpower supply companies which come to the aid of these gigantic infrastructure development firms. Right now UAE is witnessing the rise of many new manpower supply companies which provide the skilled workforce to the infrastructure development companies at a short notice.

Many of the labour supply companies in UAE first provide the right amount of training to the workers. And once they are fully trained, then these manpower supply companies hand over the trained workers to the construction firms. Training the labourers prior handing them over the organization is essential because these workers can be the defining factor for the success of these companies. One of the most important construction jobs is the job of a Pipe Fitter. Right now, workers possessing the pipe fitting skill are very high in demand.

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Pipe Fitter

A pipefitter is a person who is specialized in joining various sizes of pipes. The pipe fitters also have to maintain and repair the pipe systems and its components in various construction sites. They have to assemble different components of pipe systems. Generally, a pipe fitter has to go under 4-5 years of on the job training along with the classroom training sessions. Once the person has completed his training as a pipe fitter, then there are numerous job opportunities waiting for the professional having this particular skillset. Some of these job opportunities also have a huge payout for the talented professionals with pipefitting skills.

Responsibilities of Pipe Fitter UAE Labor Supply

  • A pipe fitter needs to coordinate with workers and supervisors from different field of work. This quality is very important for a pipe fitter as the lack of communication of can cause unfavourable outcomes at the different part of the construction sites.
  • A pipe fitter should know the exact requirement of the shape and size of the pipe components. The size of pipes and its components plays a very crucial role in a construction site. And the shape and size of the pipe always differ from one site to another.
  • A pipe fitter has to ensure that there are no problems in the pipelines. Problems may arise in different forms such at a construction site, such as holes, leaks, cracks or obstruction in the pipelines. And if any issue is found in the pipe systems, then it is the responsibility of the pipe fitter to rectify it as soon as possible.
  • A pipe fitter should have the ability to work independently with little assistance. Many a time he also needs to unfavourable conditions for long period of time like extremely hot environment, high humidity and dark places. So a person is fit for a pipe fitting job only if he is physically and mentally tough.
  • Along with physical fitness and high stamina, a pipe fitter needs to have an equally sharp mind. He should know exactly how a chemical reacts when it gets in touch with a particular material. So the pipe fitter should not only know about the size and shape of the pipes, he should also have good knowledge of chemistry and different type of materials used in the coating of pipe systems. The lack of knowledge in this domain may lead to hazardous and unsafe working conditions for others.
  • A pipe fitter should possess a high knowledge of various tools that he may have to use during the process of construction. Along with the adequate knowledge, a pipe fitter must be physically very strong and fit as he has to lift heavy components of pipe system such as hydraulic cylinders and hangers. He also needs to use heavy tools on a daily basis. This requires a lot of physical strength and endurance.
  • A pipe fitter should know how to pace his work. He should be efficient enough to produce the effective outcome in a timely manner so that his work doesn’t affect the work of other sections of the construction sites. Sometimes a pipe fitter also has to work non-stop for the whole day with the minimal amount of breaks in between.
  • A pipe fitter should know how to read the blueprint and architectural plan of the construction site so that he can work accordingly. This ensures that every architectural aspect of the construction site is in sync with one another.


Many big organizations need skilled workers who can perform daily task with high efficiency. They always need some individuals who can perform effectively to meet the industry standards regularly, But most of the times companies fail to find such talent in this part of the world,

Our company has over 15 years of experience of filling the demand and supply gap for the skilled labour. Now for over a decade, have been regularly providing the adequate manpower to the firms which need of labour in a very short notice. For so long we have been providing the right amount of training to the workers and then supplying this effective manpower to every big and small company in Gulf Cooperation Council region. We also conduct all the background checks on the workers before supplying labour to our clients. Those are some of the reason we are considered the best in the industry when it comes to manpower supply.

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